Industrial Fans

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Our Industrial Fans are engineered to give most powerful & effective performance in Industries so as to provide comfortable environment even in highly sensitive Areas. Our Industrial Fans are made with utmost precision and under strict supervision of highly experienced Fan Engineering Team using Modern Technology & Qualified Man Power to give Fans suitable for every day need of today's Industry.

Our industrial fan range presents you with Air circulators, Industrial mancoolers and Heavy duty exhaust fans for all your industrial needs. Our air circulators provide you not only with uninterrupted air flow but also ensure that it reaches in every corner of your rooms. The heavy duty exhaust fans maintain steady cross ventilation. Manufactured by one of India's leading electrical company, they are high on quality and low on maintenance.

Air Circulators

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Engineering excellence combined with strict quality control and round the clock performance has made our Air Circulator widely used Fans in today's commercial Set-up.

Workshop, Factory, Showrooms, Malls, Commercial Spaces, Assembly Shops, Restaurant, Air Port, Public Places, Railway Platform, Stadium, Depots, Godowns etc are some of the Areas where Air Circulators are widely used. Our Products are combined with Quality & Performance to give trouble free operations for years to come.


Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan

Corrosion less Body, Noise Less Operation & Maintenance Free Design has made Almonard one of the leading Brand in Industrial Exhaust Fans. Axial Air Flow with Aerodynamic Design & TEFC continuously rates motors with Ball Bearing Support gives Powerful Performance round the clock in commercial Set-up.

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Industrial Mancoolers

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Our high performance Mancooler having Robust Construction, Aerofoil dynamically balanced Cast Aluminum Impellers & heavy duty TEFC 'F' Class continuously Rated Motor facilitates the shop floor in the Industries to provide a better environment for their employees in turn results in higher working efficiency and increase production.

Our Mancoolers are designed to give higher Air Flow to a longer distance which is must in Industries like Glass Manufacturing, Automobile, Moulding Shop, Steel Industries, Aircraft Companies, Railway Shed, Power Plant, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing etc. Our Mancooler has longer life and durability to work in extreme Industrial Conditions.